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How Go Links work
How Go Links work

Create short, memorable links for important information

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What are Go Links?

Go Links are a way to create short memorable links for important URLs at your company in the form of go/link. Go Links act like a mental bookmark: once you see it or hear it, you immediately know how to access it, both now and in the future.

For example, you could create go/401k for your company’s 401k portal, go/it-help for your IT help desk, or go/sprint-planning for your Jira project. Glean also supports Variable Go Links and appending Go Links that allows you to access hundreds of specific destinations using a single Go Link.


Go Links are supported via the Glean browser extension or via DNS redirection.

If you have the extension installed, you'll see a prompt to grant permissions at the top of Tools > Go Links. If you'd like to set up DNS-based Go Links redirection, Please contact our Sales or Customer Success team.

How to create a Go Link

  1. Paste the URL you'd like this Go Link to redirect to under Destination URL.

  2. Name the Go Link (what appears after go/____).

  3. Add an optional description of what the link refers to so it's easier to maintain over time.

The name of a Go Link must be unique and is limited to letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, colons, periods, ampersands, and forward slashes.

When you navigate to a Go Link, we’ll ignore dashes and underscores. This helps people get to the right destination even if they don’t remember the exact Go Link name.

For example, go/q4-goals, go/q4_goals, and go/q4goals will all take you to the same destination. Note that this means that if go/q4-goals already exists, you won’t be able to create go/q4goals, go/q4-goals_, etc.

A Go Link is editable by everyone by default. If needed, you can restrict edit access by checking Restrict edit access only to me under More options. After creating a Go Link, it will appear on the dashboard.

Learn how to create a Variable Go Link here.

Ways to create Go Links

1. Go Links Dashboard

Go to Tools > Go Links and click on the New Go Link button in the top right.

2. Glean home page

Create a new Go Link via the "New" button in the top right.

3. Search result

You can also create a Go Link by clicking on the three-dot button that appears when hovering over a search result.

4. Glean sidebar

If you have the browser extension installed, create Go Links for the webpage you're on. Open the sidebar using the shortcut Command+J for Mac and Alt+J for Windows. If the page already has a Go Link, you will see it there.

5. Error page

If you misspell a Go Link or type for a Go Link that doesn't exist, you will land on an error page letting you know a link was not found. You'll have the option to create a Go Link on that page.

Using Go Links

To use Go links, you must have the Glean browser extension installed or set up DNS-based redirection.

If using the extension, you must also allow the extension to redirect Go Links. If you have the extension installed, you'll see a prompt to grant permissions at the top of Tools > Go Links.

Simply type your Go Link in the browser URL bar (e.g. go/onboarding), and you'll get automatically redirected to the corresponding URL.

Sharing Go Links

Simply copy and paste a Go Link to share via email and Slack. You can also tell people verbally to go to go/onboarding.

In Slack, the Glean slackbot will automatically unfurl Go Links in any public channel.

If there is a Go Link(s) for a document, you'll also see it reflected next to the document title on Glean search results.

Managing Go Links

  • Anyone in the organization can create a Go Link.

    • If the user selects “Restrict edit access to only me”, only the creator, Go Link moderators, and admins should be able to edit the Go Link

    • If the user does not select “Restrict edit access to only me”, every user should be able to edit the Go Link

  • Anyone in the organization can access a Go Link, while respecting document permissions in the native app.

Usage insights

If you have access to the Glean Insights, you can view the number of visits and unique visits by department from the dashboard.

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