Getting started in Glean

Everything you need to know to get started in Glean

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What do I use Glean for?

See how Glean is helping teams find their work more efficiently.

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Frequently asked questions

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Glean's conversational generative AI assistant

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Glean Apps

Create generative AI apps for your team’s specific needs. No coding required.

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Organize content from all your tools by topic

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Help teammates find answers to common questions

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Customize what appears as the top result for specific queries

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Share team and company announcements on Glean's home page

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Verifying documents

Verify your documents so your teammates can use the information they find with confidence

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Information on Glean's Connectors

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People & Teams

Customize your personal profile in Glean, and help your team work together

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Managing your Glean deployment

Admin features

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Technical help

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Glean Error Codes

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Actions SDK

Give Glean Assistant the ability to take action in or read from external systems

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