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Create Variable Go Links
Create Variable Go Links
Written by Paloma Ochi
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Variable Go Links redirect to specific destinations when a custom value like a ticket # are added, powering hundreds of pages within a website. Users can make any part of an URL variable with a denotation and append Go Link URL to target specific destinations such as search results page or support tickets.

How to create a Variable Go Link

1. Click on "New Go Link" on your Go Links dashboard or Glean Home Page.

2. Fill in the Destination URL and identify the part of the URL (parameter) to make variable and replace it with {*}. You will see "Variable" pop up when it detects a {*}.

  • Example: ->{*}

3. Fill in "Default Go Link to". This is to specify the default destination URL for the Go Link without a variable.

  • Example: You can specify go/jira to be redirected to

Note: When typing a variable Go Link, the substitution would be denoted by another β€œ/” following go/jira (E.g. go/jira/123). There can be multiple variable substitutions in a single URL (E.g. go/jira/123/abc)


Use Variable Go Links to quickly navigate to search result pages

Note that Variable Go Links support spaces (E.g. you can search for "how do go links work" using "go/glean/how do go links work")

Use Variable Go Links to quickly navigate to specific issues and tickets

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