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Creating variable Go Links
Creating variable Go Links
Written by Paloma Ochi
Updated over a week ago

Variable Go Links redirect to specific destinations when a custom value like a ticket # are added, powering hundreds of pages within a website. Users can make any part of an URL variable with a denotation and append Go Link URL to target specific destinations such as search results page or support tickets.

Creating a variable Go Link:

  • Click on "New Go Link" on your Go Links dashboard or New Tab Page (if you have the chrome extension installed and New Tab Page enabled)

  • Identify part of the Destination URL (parameter) to make variable and replace with {*}. For example, ->{*}

  • When typing a variable Go Link, the substitution would be denoted by another “/” following go/project (E.g. go/project/123)

  • If needed, specify default destination URL for Go Link without a variable. For example, you can specify go/project to be redirected to

  • There could be multiple variable substitutions in a single URL (E.g. go/project/123/abc)


Use Variable Go Links to quickly navigate to search result pages

Note that Variable Go Links support spaces (E.g. you can search for "how do go links work" using "go/glean/how do go links work")

Use Variable Go Links to quickly navigate to specific issues and tickets

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