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How can I get my old new tab page back?
How can I get my old new tab page back?
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Although the Glean new tab page is an essential part of finding what you need from all your tools and quickly accessing relevant content, we understand sometimes you just want your old new tab back.

I want to go back to my old blank browser new tab:

After you log in to Glean, on the home or new tab page, click the Home page settings icon in the top right corner. In the right panel, you can turn off Glean as your new tab entirely by flipping the toggle.

I want to go back to my previous custom new tab (e.g. Momentum, Scratchpad, Earth View):

If you had a previous extension that replaced your new tab and prefer that over Glean, you’ll have to uninstall the extension that gave you that previous new tab experience (Momentum, Scratchpad, Earth View, etc). Then, reinstall that same extension and your previous new tab should be restored.

How can I continue to use Glean?

After you’ve reset your new tab, don’t forget that there are other entry points for Glean!

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