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Admin Guide: Setting up People
Admin Guide: Setting up People
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People setup is a key part of setting up Glean. People data helps Glean deliver more relevant search results and recommendations. It is used to create the list of teammates for managing access to features and powers the directory.

Glean’s Knowledge graph leverages people data. Glean delivers better search results because we take into consideration how your teammates relate to their information and each other when we rank results.

People data is the source for teammates in Glean. Admins can assign roles and permissions to teammates. Learn more.

Glean offers a directory, which enables teammates to find information about their colleagues fast and efficiently.

People information

For each person, we need a few pieces of information in order to produce the best search results and teammate directory. Department and manager helps Glean understand the relationships around content which is a key factor in building an effective knowledge graph.

Each person in your people data needs to have the following information defined:

  • Name - The first and last name of the person

  • Email address – The email address should be unique across your organization. It is used to connect the person to information that they create and interact with across apps.

  • Department – The department should be a group of people who perform a similar task, e.g. ‘Engineering’ or ‘Technical Services’.

  • Manager – This should be the email of the manager of the person. For some people sources, we support other types of mappings. Please contact your account manager or customer success manager at Glean for more information.

Preview valid users

Each people source will have a preview that estimates how many valid users will be generated. If this is 0, you should check that you are sending in information for all the required fields

Note: the estimations are generated twice a day. People information updated between the estimation generation won't be reflected in the estimations, however, the updated information will be applied when the next people sync begins.

How to setup People

  1. Navigate to Workspace settings from the dropdown menu after clicking your profile picture on the Glean homepage.

  2. Go to Setup -> People data

  3. Select a supported app to sync with Glean for people data. Follow the setup instructions to connect the app. Check the estimated number of valid people to be generated.

  4. [Optional] If the people source supports custom mappings, e.g. Okta, map the required and/or optional fields in Glean to the respective field within the selected people app. Some fields may require additional configuration, which can be seen through active pencil icons.

  5. Click “Start Sync” to initiate syncing Glean with people data from the app. This typically takes up to one hour.

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