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Troubleshooting Go Links
Troubleshooting Go Links

Go Link didn't work? Here's how to fix it

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If you're having trouble accessing a Go Link, this guide will walk you through potential solutions to that problem.

If you are seeing an error saying "This site can't be reached"

Check to make sure you have the Glean Browser Extension installed and enabled. Go Links require the latest version of the extension to function. In Chrome, go to chrome://extensions, and look for Glean. If it's not there, download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

The Glean extension in Chrome, with a toggle showing that it is enabled

If it is there, make sure that it's enabled: the toggle in the lower right corner should be switched on and over to the right. After that, quit and reopen Chrome, and try accessing the Go Link again.

If that still doesn't work, go to the Go Links directory. You may need to enable additional permissions from the banner at the top of the directory to make Go Links function in your browser.

Screenshot of text showing "Oops, no Go Link here" taken from the Go Links error page

If you are seeing a page that says "Oops, no Go Link here!"

Check to make sure you typed the Go Link correctly. If you have typed it correctly, it's possible that you were accidentally given the wrong Go Link. You can search Glean for the correct resource, or filter the Go Links Directory for your organization to find it. If someone else gave you the Go Link, check with them to make sure they sent you the right one.

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