What are Announcements?

Announcements are a great way to promote updates on Glean's home page for your teammates to see, especially if many teammates are using Glean as their new tab page.

They can be targeted to a limited set of teammates for whatever duration you choose.

Create an Announcement

If you have permission to create Announcements for your team, navigate to Knowledge > Announcements and click the "New announcement" button in the upper right corner.

You will see the announcement composer to create your announcement.

Customize the banner area

Choose a background color, icon, or image.

Write your announcement

Give your announcement a title and use our WYSIWYG editor to easily compose your message.

Include a video URL if you'd like

We currently support Youtube, Vimeo, and Google Drive links.

Show or hide the announcement author

If you prefer to hide the author name, turn off the Show author toggle.

Choose your audience

By default, your announcement will be shown to everyone in your organization. If you want to display the announcement to a select group of teammates, choose their Department and Location.

Schedule when it should appear and disappear from your teammates' home pages

By default, your announcement will be featured on your teammates' home page for a month. You can change it by specifying the dates in Scheduling.

Preview the announcement

Click on the More button on the top right and select Preview announcement.

Publish the announcement

Select the Publish button, and your announcement will appear on your teammates' home pages!

How Announcements appear

If there are announcements visible to you, you'll see an Announcements section on the Glean home page (or new tab page). You can click on the announcement itself to read in more detail, or hide it if irrelevant.

Questions? Feature requests?

Chat with us in the Messenger to let us know.

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