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How to make the most of Go Links
How to make the most of Go Links

Learn more about Go Links capabilities.

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Go Links extension autocomplete

With the Glean extension, teammates can search for Go Links directly from their URL bar. Type in gl + space to activate the Glean URL bar shortcut, then search for a Go Link.

Below is an example of typing gl + space, then go/product. Glean's autocomplete suggests Go Links matching go/product.

Go Links spellcheck

When a teammate misspells a Go Link or wants to check if a certain Go Link already exists, Glean will show a page informing that the Go Link was not found. It will also suggest similar Go Links.

Below is an example of typing go/feedback, then getting recommendations of similar Go Links.


View and edit permissions

Teammates can choose to unlist their Go Link so it cannot be seen by other teammates as well as restrict edit access to only themselves. Go Links moderators and admins are still able to edit Go Links with restricted edit access.

Go Links moderator role

Admins can set certain teammates as Go Links moderators. As a moderator, they can edit Go Links, even those that have been set to be non-editable by their creators. This is useful in cases where a Go Link needs to be updated or corrected, but the original creator is not available or has left the organization

Watch how to set teammate permissions on the Admin Guide: Teammates Tab page.

Go Links Dashboard

Create and manage all Go Links from the dashboard which can be found under "Tools."

Filter Go Links by creator, department, and Go Link type (Unlisted, Public, Variable).

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