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How to hide documents via CSV upload
How to hide documents via CSV upload

Upload a CSV file to quickly hide a large number of documents from Glean's search results and Chat

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Glean's CSV upload feature allows administrators to hide documents at scale. This method can be especially helpful for organizations that may need to manage the visibility of thousands of documents efficiently so that they do not display in Glean's search results and Assistant responses. By using a CSV file, admins can specify which documents to hide, and from whom.

Up to 500,000 documents can be specified in the CSV file. It will take about an hour to hide the documents, and they will remain hidden unless you delete the CSV file or upload a new one.

Step 1: Prepare your CSV file

Download our CSV template from Workspace:

The first column of the CSV should contain the unique Glean document identifier (document ID), and the second column should specify the preferred visibility:

Column 1

Column 2

Document ID

Preferred visibility:

  • HIDE_ALL: Hides the document from all Glean users.

  • HIDE_ALL_EXCEPT_OWNER: Hides the document from all Glean users except the owner. Documents that do not have owners will be hidden from all users.

  • HIDE_FROM_GROUPS: Hides the document from all except those that the document has been explicitly shared with.

How to find the Glean document ID

  1. Search for the document

  2. Hover on the search result to copy the document ID

Step 2: Upload your CSV file

Once your CSV file is ready, upload it to your Glean workspace. The system will validate the file data and execute when all validation checks pass.

Important notes

  • Only one CSV is active at any time.

  • Deleting the uploaded CSV unhides all documents.

  • The active CSV needs to always contain all the document IDs that need to be hidden, not just the updates between edits. As an example:

    • An admin uploads a CSV with 10 document IDs that need to hidden from all.

    • If the admin wants to hide 2 more document IDs, the new CSV must contain 12 entries (including the original 10 and the 2 new entries).

    • Similarly, if the admin wants to unhide 10 documents out of the 12, leaving only 2 documents hidden, they must upload a CSV that contains 2 rows; one row for each of the documents that should be hidden.

  • At this time, we are unable to hide non-documents, e.g. folders or containers.

  • Hiding documents via CSV upload only changes the visibility in Glean’s search results and Assistant responses. It does not change the source permissions of the document.


  • During upload, Glean performs checks on the CSV file to ensure the format and data are correct. Admins will be notified of the errors, if any.

  • All errors must be resolved for the CSV upload to succeed. As an example:

    • If an admin uploads a CSV with 100 entries and 2 errors are discovered, none of the 100 docs will be hidden until the CSV is corrected and all errors are resolved.

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