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Admin Guide: Setting Up Admin Alerts & Submitting Zendesk tickets
Admin Guide: Setting Up Admin Alerts & Submitting Zendesk tickets
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Admin alerts are triggered on critical events in your Glean instance that may impact performance. Alerts allows you to take action faster, reducing the time to issue resolution.

Alerts are delivered via email and are enabled by default. We recommend keeping alerts enabled.

Alert settings

Alerts settings are located under Workspace settings -> Alerts

Alert frequency

Glean sends each alert for each condition once daily until the issue is resolved.

Alert recipients

Alerts are sent to all users that assigned the Admin role by default. You have the option of specifying a list of Glean users to receive the alerts instead of all admins.

Alert email format

Alert emails come from The subject is formatted as [customer instance name][Glean Alerts]: New alert_name triggered.

Supported alerts

Glean proactively monitors a wide set of system alerts around performance for your Glean instance. Admin alerts is a subset of the alerts. Additional alerts will be added over time.

  • IndexDatasourceCountDropLow: Triggered when the number of indexed documents in an app drops by >= 20% compared to the last index

  • data_gcpConstraints: Triggered when the GCP org constraints of a deployment need to be modified to allow Glean to function correctly. This is only applicable for self-hosted Glean instances.

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