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Admin Guide: Admin Alerts
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Admin alerts notify you of critical events in your Glean instance that could affect performance. These alerts allow you to take action faster, helping you resolve issues more quickly.

Alerts are delivered via email and are enabled by default.

Alert settings

Alerts settings are located in Workspace settings -> Alerts

Alert frequency

Glean sends one daily alert per condition until resolution.

Alert recipients

Admins and Super Admins receive alerts automatically. Glean adds new users with these roles to the recipient list. You can customize this list further.

Alert emails

Alert emails come from

Supported alerts

Glean actively monitors a broad range of performance alerts for your instance. Admin alerts are a subset of these, and the alerts will expand over time.

  • GCP constraint health check

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) configuration is not allowing Glean to function correctly. This only applies to self-hosted Glean instances.

  • Data source credentials check

    Data source credentials are failing and can affect integrity of search results.

  • Slackbot health check

    Gleanbot setup errors in Slack are causing some or all of bot functionality to break.

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