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Setting up Glean AI Features
Setting up Glean AI Features

Setup Glean Assistant in just a few minutes

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It will only take a few minutes to setup Glean Assistant and give teammates access. Any Glean Admin can setup Glean Assistant. Go to Workspace Settings and then navigate to Setup and Glean Assistant.

Setting up Glean Assistant enables all the generative AI features, including chat, ai answers and ai summarization.

  1. Click on Activate early access

2. Under enabled for test group only, enter the people in your organization to receive access to Glean Assistant. The person should already have access to Glean and appear in the Teammates page under Workspace settings.

Currently, you'll only be able to give access to a group of users. If you want to enable Glean Assistant for all teammates at your company, please contact Glean.

3. Open the API Key section

Select either Glean's Azure OpenAI key (recommended) or your own API key. If your deployment is using AWS, you will need to use your own key. You can learn more about using Glean's key or your own here.

For your own key, after entering the API key, click submit and check that the key validation was successful. Glean requires GPT-4 support for your API key. Your key will not validated without GPT-4 support on your API key.

4. Click Enable Glean Assistant. You'll see Enabled showing with a successful setup.

Your teammates will have access within a few minutes.

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