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Slack Enterprise Grid Connector
Slack Enterprise Grid Connector
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  • Glean requires authentication to the Slack instance in order to fetch relevant information from Slack.

  • Index Slack data and associated permissions in an Enterprise Grid instance

  • Syncs permission and content updates every few minutes after initial indexing

  • Search for Slack messages across workspaces, channels, and direct messages

  • The app requires a Slack admin to install it.

  • It’s important to note that all data is stored in the customer’s cloud account and no data leaves the customer environment.

Integration Features

By default Glean will capture the following content:

  • Conversations (messages, threads, the channel itself) and files in:

    • Public channels

    • Shared Public Channels within an enterprise

    • Shared Public Channels outside an enterprise (called “Slack Connect” or “Connections”)

    • Private channels (optional)

    • Direct messages (optional)

API Usage

Glean will use the Slack Discovery API to ingest all data.


Installation Process

Generate an OAuth token

Follow the authorize link in workspace setup and follow the on-screen instructions. You will see a page with the option to Allow the access scopes for our app on your workspace:

The scopes on screen are necessary as follows:

  • Administer Slack for your organization: to index messages in your organization for search. This is used rather than the individual read scopes to allow for admin search, better performance, and data-loss prevention.

Post Setup

After the initial setup, we will crawl data to get up to speed with your Slack instance’s current state. If things are not behaving as expected, or if you have any issues with this setup, please reach out to

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