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Zendesk Connector
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  • Glean requires authentication to the customer’s Zendesk instance in order to fetch relevant Objects that will be indexed and searchable in Glean (e.g., Cases, Knowledge Articles).

  • Authentication is done with an API token that can be created in the Zendesk admin UI.

  • Glean understands which Objects a user has access to and will strictly enforce permissions for users, down to the record level at the time of the query which will ensure that user’s are not able to see results that they do not have access to in Zendesk.

  • It’s important to note that all data is stored in the customer’s cloud account and no data leaves the customer environment.

Integration Features

Glean will initially capture the following Objects:

  • Knowledgebase articles (including comments)

  • Tickets (including comments)

The indexing of tickets and knowledgebase articles are individually toggleable. Please reach out to your Glean rep if this is desired.

API Usage

In order to gain access to the relevant objects in the Zendesk instance, Glean uses the Zendesk API to retrieve data records. Glean uses the REST API to fetch all created and updated objects.

Installation Process

The Zendesk connector is installed via an admin console setup flow within the Glean app. Three pieces of information are required: the customer’s Zendesk URL domain, the Zendesk admin’s email address, and a Zendesk API token. The API token can be generated with the following steps:

  • In Zendesk, go to Admin (gear icon)->API (under Channels section)

  • Enable “Token Access”

  • Add a new token by clicking the “Plus” icon

    • For the description, put “Glean Access Token”

  • Upload the API token when prompted by Glean in the admin console setup flow

User requirements:

  • The user must be an admin in the Zendesk instance being authenticated.

  • Please use a Service Account to create the token to ensure that Glean does not lose if the employee who performed the authentication leaves the company.

  • The user will require access to all of the Objects that the customer would like to have indexed.

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