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  • Glean currently indexes Knowledge Articles, Service Catalog items, ITSM incidents, APM Business Applications and SPM demands, epics and projects along with their associated permissions

  • In order to do so, the ServiceNow admin creates a dedicated ServiceNow user with access only to the above doctypes

  • For crawling advanced user criteria, the ServiceNow admin creates a Scripted Rest API

Integration Features

  • Index all Knowledge Articles and Service Catalog Items and all their associated permissions.

  • Simple permissions for ITSM, APM and SPM object types. Users with specific roles are granted access to all the documents. If you use custom ITSM permissions, please reach out to Glean support.

  • Additional configurations for custom ServiceNow URLs and custom Knowledge Article templates.

  • Support for advanced user criteria through a custom Scripted REST API in your ServiceNow instance.

  • Greenlist content by knowledge bases

API Usage

Glean uses the Table API to crawl relevant tables for ServiceNow content and permissions. For this, we have you create a dedicated ServiceNow user with access to the required tables through the Table API. We also use a Scripted Rest API that is configured as part of the setup to crawl advanced user criteria.



All steps are to be done by a ServiceNow administrator.

Installation Process

Installation steps are outlined on-screen in Glean Workspace Settings.

For any questions or issues with this setup, please reach out to

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