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Jira Activity Plugin Installation Guide
Jira Activity Plugin Installation Guide
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The Glean Activity plugin for Jira is used to send webhook events to Glean when users view issues in Jira. This view activity is a crucial component in providing highly personalized search results for Glean users. The application is built on the Forge app platform provided by Atlassian. Please note that all activity information gathered by the plugin resides solely in your dedicated GCP project.

Scope and Events:

This app only requires the read scope to get the view events. It will only send the userId and the jiraId to Glean.


To install the application, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Atlassian as the Jira admin and navigate to the marketplace URL of the application:

  2. Click on the β€˜Get it now’ link. It will ask you to select the Jira instance to install it to - and list all instances you are the administrator of.

  3. Select the Jira instance(s) which has been configured in the Jira application under Glean admin console and hit `Install app.` If you need to see which Jira instance(s) you have configured in Glean, you can find them at:

If you have any challenges performing these steps or receive any errors while installing the application, please reach out to or work with us directly in your shared collaboration channel (e.g. slack) with Glean.

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