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Managing your Glean deployment
Manage which apps appear in search results
Manage which apps appear in search results

Show or hide certain apps from search results for everyone or for a group of teammates

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Manage search result visibility

To manage whether an app should be searchable or not, navigate to Workspace Settings > Setup > Apps, and the specific app you'd like to configure. You must be a Glean admin to access these pages.

Once you've clicked into a particular app, you'll see a section called "Search results" on the Overview tab for the app. Here, you can:

  • Add the app to search results

  • Remove the app from search results

  • Limit search results for the app to a select group of teammates (e.g. "test group").

What is a test group and what should I use it for?

When you're setting up a new app in Glean, you may want to vet a newly set up app with a test group of teammates before enabling it for everyone, to ensure the app is properly set up and the results are appearing as expected.

To set up a test group, go to Workspace > Setup > Testing. Here, you can add teammates who already have access to Glean to be a part of the test group. Teammates in the test group will only see results from apps they have access to.

It may take up to 30 minutes for any changes to take effect. During this time, teammates who have been added may not see results from the app, while removed teammates may still see those results.

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