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What is the celebrations widget?
What is the celebrations widget?

FAQ on the celebrations widget on home page

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What is the celebrations widget?

The celebrations widget helps you and your teammates celebrate each other by recognizing new hires and work anniversaries. The celebration widget appears in the right-hand column of the Glean home page and displays a carousel of teammates who have reached a new work anniversary or recently joined the team.

How can I congratulate my teammate?

You can click on the "say welcome/congrats" button to send a message to the celebrated teammate through your organization's chat application such as Slack or Teams. If the teammate does not have a Slack or Teams profile, clicking on the button will launch your organization's email application instead.

Who shows up on my widget?

Glean will display up to 10 celebrations in the widget at any time. The selection is personalized, so you will see celebrations for teammates with whom you have a relationship. Cards will be visible for the entire week of the celebration.

What determines the order of the celebrations shown on the widget?

If you are being celebrated, your card will always appear first. Next, the widget will show teammates who have anniversaries or new start dates today, followed by teammates who have upcoming anniversaries, and then teammates whose anniversaries have past.

I don't want others to know about my celebration. How do I opt out?

  1. Select "Your settings" from the avatar dropdown menu.

2. Under "Privacy," toggle off the option to feature your celebrations on the home page.

Where does the celebration data come from?

The celebrations widget uses start date data from your company's people data source (HR or IT system) to determine when to showcase particular teammates. If that source data is incorrect, you will see celebrations appear on incorrect days.

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