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How to organize Answers and manage in bulk
How to organize Answers and manage in bulk
Written by Paloma Ochi
Updated over a week ago

Answers are bite-sized chunks of information you create in Glean to answer common questions your teammates - and future teammates - might have. Because Answers are often specific to projects, teams, and departments, grouping Answer cards in a Board makes it easy to manage them in bulk.

What is an Answer Board?

Answer Boards allow users to organize and group Answer cards by a specific topic or team. Instead of managing permissions by individual Answers, users will be able to manage edit and view permissions in bulk on the Board level. We recommend all Answers to be part of Board for best management and user experience.

How to create a Board

Users can create a Board by clicking the "New Board" button from the main Answers Board

Adding Answers to a Board

You can add to Answers to an existing Board while creating an Answer using the drop-down "Add to Board"

You can also add existing Answers to a Board by clicking 3 dots and choosing "Move to Board"

Managing Board permission

For each Board, you can specify editors and audience in order to control who can edit or view Answers within a Board. You can choose individuals or departments.

How to best use Answer Boards

We encourage making a Board based on teams or projects that share admins or creators. For example, an HR team can manage a Board dedicated to frequent FAQs such as company benefits while Engineering team leaders can manage a Board based on product or system ownership.

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