What are Pins?

Pins are results that always appear at the top of a search results page for a query and audience that you choose.

Create a Pin

If your administrator has configured permissions for you to create a Pin, you can do it from either the search results page or the Pins dashboard.

Create a Pin from a search results page

From the search results page for a query, hover over the result you would like to Pin and click on the Pin icon.

Create a Pin from the Pins dashboard

Navigate to Knowledge > Pins. Click the New Pin button, and you’ll be prompted to search for and select the resource you would like to Pin.

Choose an audience for your Pin

Once you’ve selected the result to pin, you’ll be able to specify the audience it shows up for.

View Pins in search results

If there is a Pin visible to you for your query, based on the audience set for the Pin, you’ll see it at the top of the search results.

View Pins across your company

If you have permissions to create Pins, you can view and edit all of your company’s Pins from the Pins dashboard.

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