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How Pins work
How Pins work

Customize what appears as the top result for specific queries to help people in your organization find the best resource

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What are Pins?

Pins are results that always appear at the top of a search results page for a query and audience that you choose. Public pins appear for you and other users at your company, while private pins are only visible to you.

Create a Pin

You can create a pin from the search results page or the pin dashboard in Glean's knowledge tab.

Create a Pin from a search results page

From the search results page for a query, hover over the result you would like to pin and click on the pushpin icon.

Create a Pin from the Pins dashboard

Navigate to Knowledge > Pins. Click the New Pin button, and you’ll be prompted to search for and select the resource you would like to pin.

You can input additional queries for your Pin by clicking Add a query.

Choose an audience for your Pin

Once you’ve selected the result to pin, you’ll be able to specify the audience it shows up for.

  • Selecting "Only Me" will create a private pin that will only appear at the top of search results for you and nobody else.

  • Selecting "Teammates" will create a public pin that appears for other users within your company. The audience dropdown allows you to choose which departments at your company see the pin; leaving it blank will have the pin appear for everyone at your organization.

If you don't see "Teammates" as an option, your organization's Glean admin has locked public pin creation. Contact them to get access.

View Pins in search results

If a Pin is visible to you for your query, you’ll see it at the top of the search results. Each pin will have the name of the person who pinned the result, as well as the person who last edited it. Private pins will show that they are only visible to you.

Glean respects all source permissions for pinned items, so users will only see pins in search results when they have access to the underlying item.

View Pins across your company

You can see all pins that you are in the audience for in the pins dashboard, including public and private pins. Admins and users with the pin moderator role will be able to see all public pins across the company as well.

Removing a Pin

To remove a Pin, click the more menu on the right hand side of the Pin on the Pins dashboard, and select "Delete Pin". This button may be disabled depending on the permissions set for Pins by your Glean admin.

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