What are Collections?

Collections are an easy way to organize related documents across all your tools by a single topic. You can think of them as a way to curate a set of documents for other teammates to find and use easily.

Have a big launch coming up?

Group that planning doc, Jira epic, design folder, and marketing communications in a single Collection so your cross-functional team stays aligned.

Have documents related to a horizontal or vertical scattered everywhere?

Group those docs into a Collection so your teammates can find what they need easily.

The use cases are endless! Let's take a look at how Collections work.

Add documents to a Collection

From the search results page

Do a search to pull up the document(s) you want to add to your Collection. Hover over the document and use the "Add to Collection" quick action button in the right corner of the result.

You can add Answers and documents from connected workplace apps to Collections.

In the modal that appears, you can quickly filter to add the document to a Collection that already exists, or create a new one.

See Collections in search results

When a document is part of a Collection, you'll see the Collection on the search result.

You can click on the Collection label to see what else is in it. You can also filter by Collection using the filters under the search box, or use the search operator collection:

Collections dashboard

If you can create and manage Collections, you can find all Collections across the company here. Collections can be renamed or deleted here.

Deleting a Collection won't delete or affect any of the underlying documents within it - it will just remove the Collection from Glean.

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