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We know how important flow is in your work, so we've made it easy for you to get to anything you might need from anywhere you work.

Anywhere on the web

Requires our extension

New tab page

Open up a new tab using Cmd+T (Mac) or Ctrl+T (Windows) and get quick access to the Glean search box, links to tools you use, and suggestions for relevant documents you're working on. You can even connect your calendar to make this new tab page a better starting point for all your work.

If you're not seeing this, check chrome://extensions to make sure the extension is not disabled. You can also go to Settings to enable Glean as your new tab page.

Press Cmd+J (Mac) or Alt+J (Windows) to open a sidebar search experience on any page, so you can get to things without losing context of what you're working on.

Note: If you have the Firefox extension installed, use the shortcut Control+J (Mac)

In workplace tools like Jira, Confluence, and Drive

Requires our extension

Power up your ordinary search box in the tools you use with a Glean search box. In Settings, scroll down to the section called "Glean search within native apps" and turn on the apps you'd like Glean to power search for.

When you click on the search box in these apps, you'll see search results for the app you're in. As an added bonus, you can quickly filter to results in other apps as well!

In Slack

Share a doc quickly from anywhere in Slack with /glean followed by query terms, for example /glean product roadmap.

Don't worry, the results will only be visible to you unless you select a document to share in the channel.

In Salesforce

Add Glean widget to any Lightning page within Salesforce so you can find everything at your fingertips, without even leaving your workflow in Salesforce.

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