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How to write effective answers
How to write effective answers

What answers to write and how to help teammates find what they need.

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1. Think of common questions you or your team get asked

These might be a category of questions (i.e. "Where is XYZ"), questions related to a workflow, or questions that come up at certain times of the year.

Some examples to get you started πŸ‘‡

  • Where can I find...?

  • What existing work has been done on...?

  • What's our process for...?

  • What's the policy for...?

  • How do I configure...?

  • How do I set up...?

  • How do I troubleshoot...?

Pro tip ✨

If your team has a public Slack channel that others use to collaborate with/ask questions of your team, or a private Slack channel for questions among yourselves, look through that for ideas. Adding answers for those kinds of questions will save time for you and your teammates in the future!

2. Phrase your question completely

In the New Answer modal, write your question in a complete sentence.

When others search for that question or keywords/queries that match the question, they'll see your answer at the top of their results.

Your question will also be used as a title for your answer.

3. Write your answer

You can add a link, text, or both to your answer. The way your answers looks in the text editor is exactly like how others will see your answer at the top of their search results.

Then just save and you're done! You can always edit your answer from the search results, or click Answers in the top navigation bar to view and edit your answers.

Other ways to create answers

Create answer from result

Use this if you've already searched for something, and see a result you want to appear at the top for everyone when they search for the same thing.

Hover over the result, click the "more" menu with the three dots, and click Create Answer.

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