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What are Answers and how do they work?
What are Answers and how do they work?

Answer common questions for your teammates

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What are Answers?

Answers are bite-sized chunks of information you create in Glean to answer common questions your teammates - and future teammates - might have.

Let's take a look at how they work.

Create an answer

Anyone can create Answers in Glean - either in the web product or via the Glean Slackbot.

Create an answer in the web product

Click on the Answers page in the top navigation and then on the New answer button on that page.

Answers have an associated question and can include free-form text, links, and formatting via markdown. You can also add:

  • Audience - Target your answer to appear to members of a department

  • Collections - Put your answer in a collection to organize it with other documents and answers of a certain topic, e.g. "Benefits" or "Onboarding"

  • Editors - Add other people who can also edit your answer

Create an answer via the Slackbot

Busy answering questions asked directly on Slack? We've made it easy for you to turn those messages on Slack directly into an Answer in Glean, so you can just answer a question once and point people to Glean in the future.

On any message, simply click on the ... button and click on the "Create an answer in Glean" message action.

You may not see the option available in the menu at first, so click on "More message shortcuts" and search for answer. In the future, you'll see this option directly in the menu.

In the "Create an answer" modal that appears, the answer section will be prefilled with the message from which you created the Answer. Edit that to your liking and add a question and optional tags - then you're good to go!

See Answers in search results

When others search for queries that match your question, they'll see your answer in their results.

If we're highly confident in an answer based on your query, we'll show that answer at the top of the results page:

Otherwise, you'll see Answers blended in with other results using our ranking magic!

You'll also see answers in results if you use the /glean command on Slack.

How do I get started?

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