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Is Glean approved by IT?

Quite simply, yes. If you are using Glean at this point, your IT and Security team did a thorough review and approved the rollout of the product. We do not have a model where an end user can connect to Glean by themselves.

How did Glean get access to the apps I'm able to search over?

After your IT team approved rolling the product out, they worked with us to connect each of the different data sources.

How do permissions work in Glean?

Glean fully replicates the permissions on the original app. That means that you'll never be able to search for something that you don't already have access to.

How do I connect more apps?

Message us via the ? button in the bottom right if you have a particular tool you want to connect. We can then work with your IT team on getting it set up.

I noticed that Glean has some results from my browser history. How did it get that?

When you install the browser extension, Glean will use your history to make it easy to navigate to recent documents in enterprise apps that we do not have full support for such as Notes (e.g. Evernote), no-code apps (e.g. Airtable, Coda) and general collaboration (Notion, etc). This is based on your browser history and this data is personal to you so it is not stored anywhere else.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Just message us via the ? icon in the bottom right and we'd be happy to chat.

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