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What should I do with documents that are completely out of date?
What should I do with documents that are completely out of date?

Options to deprecate or unshare documents

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Unsharing a document

We get it. Sometimes, documents are just completely out of date and it’s best to remove them entirely. If you have such a document that is still being viewed by your teammates, then there are a few actions to take.

If the document is not valuable at all anymore, it’s best to unshare it or delete it so that no one else will stumble across it. 

You will need to navigate to the document itself to manually unshare or delete the document. Glean does not have write permissions so you won't be able to unshare or delete the document from Glean itself.

Deprecating a document

How to deprecate a document

If your document is no longer valid but may still have some value, you can mark it as Deprecated to act as a warning to your teammates. This is similar to modifying the title of your document to include the words "deprecated".

For example, there might be documentation for an old product design that’s no longer in production, but can serve as a helpful reference for discussions or ideation in the future. 

To deprecate a document, go to the Verification > Your content and click on the Deprecate button for a document. You'll see a confirmation in a modal, and also get an option to unshare the document itself.

What happens after I've deprecated a document?

Deprecated documents may still appear on Glean search results. However, a deprecated symbol will appear next to the document on the search results page. This status will also be seen from the document itself.

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