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Which documents should I verify?
Which documents should I verify?

Verify your most viewed documents

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Which documents should I verify?

A few good questions to ask yourself on any document is:

  • Will someone from another department look at this document for information they need?

  • Will this information be used by Sales or Marketing to create customer material?

  • Will someone on my team waste time if they use this information and it’s no longer accurate? Requirements docs, design docs, FAQs, wiki pages, and debugging instructions are good examples.

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, it's probably a good document to Verify and focus on keeping up to date.

Note: this is not a comprehensive guide and you’ll have to use your own intuition on how valuable a document is.

For example...

An engineer can verify a tech plan, so other engineers from different teams can input on the latest decisions with any dependencies or considerations.

A product manager can verify the release notes of a feature, so Sales and Support teams can use that information in conversations with prospective and current customers.

A designer can verify a design proposal, so engineers know it contains the most up-to-date requirements and designs for a feature they're building.

Respond to verification requests

When other teammates request verification on a document you own, or if it's time to re-verify documents based on your own reminders, those documents appear on Verification > Your tasks.

You can verify or deprecate documents from the list.

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