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  • Glean requires an admin to install the Glean app to the account and authorize the app.

  • Authentication is done via OAuth.

  • Glean will understand user viewing permissions for workspaces and boards. Glean will never show documents to a user who does not have access.

  • It’s important to note that all data is stored in the customer’s cloud account and no data leaves the customer environment.

Integration Features

By default Glean will capture the following content:

  • All workspaces a user has access to

  • Public boards in open workspaces

In addition, each user can choose to authorize Glean to index private boards, shareable boards, and public boards in closed workspaces they have access to—this needs to be enabled on a per-user basis.

Over time, Glean may add support for docs, dashboards, items, and other objects.

API Usage

Glean uses the API to ingest all data:

  • Glean begins by understanding the users and teams that are a part of the account.

  • Glean then crawls workspaces and boards in the customer’s account.

Glean performs a full crawl of the content hourly, and updates permissions several times every hour.



The customer should be on A account admin for the customer is required to install the Glean app to the account. This allows Glean to access the API on behalf of the customer.

Installation Process

Instructions for setup are provided onscreen in the deployment console. For help with setup, please reach out to a Glean customer success representative or solutions engineer for assistance.

Post Setup

Glean allows configuring for only a certain user set to have access to search results.

For any questions or issues with this setup, please reach out to

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