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Troubleshooting Glean Bot
Troubleshooting Glean Bot

Get Glean Bot to answer common questions

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Why aren’t Answer suggestions showing up?

1 - Set up issue: Double-check you've set up Glean Bot properly.

  • Are you testing Glean Bot in the Slack channels listed on Workspace Settings?

  • Within Slack, have you used the /add Glean command to add Glean Bot to each of the Slack channels listed?

  • Is the toggle turned on?

2 - Quality issue: Glean Bot doesn't trigger on non-question messages, questions that are too short (< 3 words) or too long, or questions asking for opinions. Contact us if you have a specific question or issue for our search quality team to look at.

Why aren’t emojis showing up when Glean Bot is triggered?

1 - Be sure to add Glean to each of the Slack channels you wish it to work in, by using the /add Glean command in Slack.

2 - If emojis still don't show up, ask your Slack admin to check if reactions:write is added as a Bot Token Scope under -> OAuth & Permissions. If not, that scope needs to be added and the app republished.

How do I disable the suggestions for just one user?

Ask them to go to Your Settings in Glean and toggle off "Show suggestions for questions asked in Slack."

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