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Recording a Chrome trace
Recording a Chrome trace
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At Glean, we believe speed is one of the most important features. Everything should feel instantaneous.

When that isn't the case, sometimes a Glean engineer may ask for a Chrome trace. This allows us to understand exactly what is wrong and make it snappy for you again.

1. In the address bar of a new tab, type chrome://tracing.
2. Click Record in the upper left.
3. Click Manually select settings and then click the All button in the left column (Record categories).
4. Click Record.
5. Now do whatever seemed slow (a search, opening a new tab, etc).
6. Go back to the tracing tab and click Stop.
7. Click Save in the upper left and send us the resulting trace file.
โ€‹Please note that traces contain some potentially private information such as the URLs and titles of open tabs and extensions that are running. You may wish to close any tabs other than Glean before recording. It does not contain browser history.

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